Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's a small world

So my (current) house was being inspected last night and some questions popped up that having me show up with my plumber friend made sense.  So my buddy (the plumber) talked to their "plumber" on the phone and it turns out he knows him.  While he was dealing with plumbing questions, I started yapping with the wife and.... long story short, I know the buyers!  What's the chance?  Turns out I used to work with the husband a few years back.  The wife seems pretty solid they are buying it and said "the inspection is going great".  So it looks like I may be out next week, when the check shows up.

Update on my NEW house:
I don't think the rain is helping but I was able to walk the house in the light on Sunday and verify that the HVAC has been run and the roof has been "papered".  The shingles are up there, they just need to be installed.  I am hoping to see some progress with a roof on.

On a side note, I completed the ToughMudder in Indiana on Saturday with some great friends.  With no sun in sight and 40mph winds, we slopped through some of the nastiest mud and the coldest water, ran through and crawled under live wires,  up and down sloppy hills, and that was just the first mile.  It was a 22 obstacle, 10 mile course.  We did it in 4hrs 15min and it joins just a few other things in my life so challenging.
check it out at www.toughmudder.com to get an idea.

Have a great day.

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