Friday, November 11, 2011

I've been FRAMED!

Ok, so it's not framed all the fact they just started about 3ish today.  But they started!  PM said they are working tomorrow so I will have pictures to show.

Tomorrow I plan to head out there early with a cup of coffee and the paper and hang out.  I totally plan to stalk the build.

We were able to stalk a bit today by hanging out in our parked car over one street and watching from a distance.  Didn't seem like a bad idea until that homeowner (who's house we were kinda parked in front of)  came home and looked at us weird.  He was probably thinking "who are they and why are they hanging out in a car in front of my house?!"

We got a chance to meet our neighbors on our left.  We sat outside talking for a long while about the neighborhood, and kids, and dogs, and and and oh yeah...building a house!  So we now have met the neighbors to the left and right of us.  Very nice people and I look forward to hanging out on my front porch with a fire going in the pit!

My PM stopped by and gave me a quick lesson I requested on the water proofing.  Pretty funny was the mexican who was standing above us while we were talking who asked us to move.  Only he spoke in spanish and called my PM a name he must of thought my PM didn't understand.  But he did, and it was not very nice, but it was funny as hell!

Also, it looks like I will be getting the plumbing for the garage deep sink I wanted.  But I am reluctant to post in open space how I will be going about it.  So if you are interested in that or another nugget I got about my drive way, email me at  It may be over thinking, but I don't want to post everything in open space for fear of getting someone's talleywacker in a pinch.

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  1. Yay for framing. Love your stalking. I stalked ours for a little bit yesterday. We will probably stalk again today. We figure the electrician will be finishing up today.