Sunday, January 15, 2012

A cooked meal and lights

So my lovely wife got the first kitchen boxes unpacked and made spaghetti.  All three of us sat and ate at the island, just like we talked about doing over the last couple months.

Remember that post about the great, open box deal on the fan.  BOOOOO!  You would think it would have all the pieces and wires cut too short to use an extended downrod.  So now I have to make a trip back out to return, then find a NEW in box fan for morning room.

On a tiring and great note, I got all the rooms lights installed, the Master Bedroom and Family Room ceiling fans in as well.  Just the morning room fan to finish.

Which brings me to another "hindsight is 20/20" moment.
    -  Consider putting in a few can lights in your master bedroom.  One ceiling fan with a 100watt Halogen light bulb does ok, but we will have to get a couple of table lamps flanking the bed.  I may hit the electrician up for a couple (4 maybe) can lights.  We were smart enough to add 4 can lights to the family room and they have made all the difference!!!!  highly recommended.
    -  Consider getting the dryer vent higher on the wall.  That would allow you to hook to dryer, push back to wall and THEN clamp to the wall.  I'm not spry and limber enough to be climbing behind the dryer (that's on a pedestal!)  three times that I did.  BUT, it's done.
    -  If getting an island, see if you can get an outlet on both ends and not just one.  Ours is on the stove side.  I am guessing the placement is at "the electricians discretion" but I could be wrong and that's standard.  I was sitting there tonight on the "bar" side and wished I had an outlet for the laptop charger.

The garage is pretty cleared up and we are parking in there.  SOOO nice to have a garage to park in.  We still have the big storage container with all our $hit to empty.  Looks like I will wrangle up some reluctant friends for next Saturday.

We got our dogs back.  Some great friends kept them for us for 6 weeks.  Having plenty of room to spread out is keeping the dogs from feeling like they are always underfoot.  I swear they are more relaxed too.

That's all for now.
Carry on


  1. Glad you guys are slowly getting settled. I added can lights to the master and great room. I also added another outlet at the other end of the island as well as above the cabinets and underneath the cabinet by the stove for a future warming draw.

  2. Ah! I am so regretting not getting more lights...we got rough ins in every room, but we didn't get the lighting. I can definitely see us needing more light, and yay for getting your dogs back :)

  3. 2nlehigh, I bow to your forethoughtfullness! I do plan to run some halogen under cabinet lighting off the outlet supplied for the micro. I did that in my last kitchen redo and we used the under cabinet lights all the time!
    Thanks Charlex. The good news is it's not hard to throw can lights in any of the upstairs bedrooms.

  4. Glad to hear can lights are easy to add upstairs. We added a rough in everywhere in the house EXCEPT the family room. Now, wasn't that smart? All we have in that room is the fireplace eyeball lights and the can light at the bottom of the stairs.

    I did add an outlet over the cabinets and mantel.

    Ask me why I added can lights to the upstairs closet but not the master? Or the family room? I will not have a good answer.