Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ya gotta stay on it!

It's so hard to imagine that we are closing and moving in on Tuesday! 
I swung through last night and found the wood floor almost clean, giving me my first real impression of the colors.  It also looks like some drywall touch up is in place as well.
So on to the title of this.  For those familiar with the Ravenna, the Master Bedroom closet has a long wall with the clothing rack/rod and a shorter wall (about 5') with a clothing rack/rod.  We asked from the beginning to have the smaller rack NOT installed.  Well, they installed it.  So we had that meeting two weeks back and pointed it out, with our PM giving us it WBTCO.  So last nights trip showed they removed the Long rack!  UGH!  So a text message later, my PM calls and apologizes profusely for his mistake promising that it WBTCO. 
He also has a call into the HVAC guy because the upstairs is a good 10+ degrees HOTTER then the 1st floor.  Sounds like the fan speed may need adjusted and/or a damper installed. 
Today the weather appears to allow the pouring of the driveway.  The porch columns and rails going in today as well.  Tomorrow brings the deck construction. 
We are so very close!


  1. Ok, just talked to PM. Driveway and Porch tomorrow. The deck may or may not make it tomorrow as well.

  2. You guys must be excited CONGRATS!

  3. Wow. Tuesday!
    I bet you are all so anxious. Good luck with the move I hope everything goes fast so you can kick back and relax...and plan your Superbowl party! ahah!

  4. Wow - so jealous you are going to settlement on Tuesday. Hope they get everything taken care of. Currently the boxes are in my car for one master closet - we went with Martha Stewart wood kind from Home Depot. Hoping we can close soon so I can get it out of car - no room for the kids at the moment. We had them raise the height of the two short walls in the other closet and not to install the long wall until we decided what we wanted to do in that closet. PM is supposed to leave all the pieces in the garage.

  5. We are going with the Container Store's Elfa System.

  6. January is a good time to buy. They have their annual sale - 30% off.

  7. Holy crap, your house is almost done!! I am so happy for you. It is gorgeous!