Saturday, January 21, 2012

hi, I'm your new neighbor and I just ran over your mailbox.

So first impressions can be a bitch! haha.  Good thing I already met them and have yapped here and there.
So the short story is, we woke up to a thick layer of ice on everything.  My neighbor (Joe), who was trying to back out of his driveway (rather steep) and give access to his friend, got his SUV stuck.  I decided to go out and help.  I offered to drop my trailer and hook up and try pulling him out.  Well, instead of a controlled reverse, I just started sliding....truck and trailer.  My truck finally came to rest with my (dad's) trailer jack knifed on my truck and my truck on top of my other neighbor's mail box.  What a mess! haha.

So let me follow that by saying... Dad, there is no damage to your trailer!  My truck mirror housing is cracked with some scrapes on the paint.

I surprisingly found all kinds of humor in the scenario we found ourselves in.  I only wish I had a picture of his and my trucks jacked up in the street.

On another note, we hope to empty the storage container tomorrow at 10.  We have some great friends lined up and should be done in time for the AFC game.

More later,
carry on


  1. LOL, I'm sorry for the ordeal but I'm glad you can find humor in it! I hope your neighbor did as well. It's the thought that counts, right?

  2. Well - we are right there with you. We met our neighbor a few days ago. Very nice guy. Still need to meet the wife and kids. Our friend came over to the house on Sunday to see us all moved in. He ended up pulling in the neighbor's driveway by mistake. Our street is very narrow - if a car is parked on either side of the street you can only fit one car between them - most streets you should be able to fit two cars. We have townhouses across from us with the garage in the rear, but they still like to park in front of their houses and RIGHT behind our driveway and our neighbors driveway. So my friend is backing out is big Dodge Ram and was trying to avoid the car on the street and cranked the wheel only to clip the bumper of our neighbor's car parked in front of his house. SO... Hi neighbor, this is my friend and he just hit your car and broke out your tail light and broke your bumper. At least he was cool about it. Ugh.