Monday, January 9, 2012

Exterior Pics

These were taken Saturday morning.  Aside from some touch up on the front porch, a (still owed) light post, and the grass, it's all done.
Hopefully I will be off Wednesday and will get a shit-ton of interior pics in daylight.  Stay tuned.

That there is a 20' wide driveway.  Plenty of room for what ever the hell I want to do with it!

From my "spot".  This is the direction I come up the street too, so this is what I will see every day.

A different angle

Look at my deck, it's sooooo huge.  hahaha.  Now I have shown you mine, you show me yours.  I'm killing me right now.  I'm here all week.


  1. Pool. Points for utter dirtiness. Love the front porch and extra width on the driveway. 'Cause wider is better. Haha, you deserve that one ;)

  2. Great pictures! Can't wait to see the inside. Good luck today.

  3. Hope all went well today! The exterior looks great.