Sunday, January 29, 2012

What works

So I have read my Sunday paper while drinking two cups of coffee while sitting in my Morning room.  The house is quiet, albeit I have a diverse collection of music playing on my Pandora.
I plan to take some pics today and get them posted....Today.  Promise.

What works?
Well I bought a Clearstream 2 antenna and placed it in the attic.  I ran 50 ft of coax to the basement and back up to the family room.  Turn the tv on and found I had 100% signal strength.  Hello free TV!  With Netflix and Hulu, why pay 50-60-70 dollars to cable.  If I can't find something to watch on the 20 free channels, I need to turn it off and find something else to do.

My daughter and her new BF are home from college for the weekend.  After I make pancakes this morning, I plan to enslave them to haul crap to the basement.

again, I will get some pics up today.
have a great day


  1. Great idea with the antenna. I planned to do that for the extra bedrooms (no need for a DirecTV receiver) but hadn't looked into a type or brand yet. We are just about to start construction, but I am glad I had the PM add a 2" conduit from basement to attic that will be perfect for things like this.

  2. Turns out I am a liar. I totally planned on taking/posting some pics. But the day got busy with family stuff. I did however enslave my daughter and bf to help move some crap around. So the house is looking goooooood!