Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's easy to be unhappy

Good morning all,
So I had hit a point where my frustration on my fireplace was huge.  I finally realized I needed to relax a bit, have some patience, and figure out a plan.
The flame height is so low you can't see it from 5 feet away.  I have been asking for the flame height to be adjusted since closing.  The communication between my PM and I was lacking.  I am also having an issue with the family room breaker tripping with the fireplace blower turning. 
Here is what I have learned in two weeks of ownership.  If it's not a major issue, wait for the thirty day....don't blow up your PM's cell with text like a neurotic, needy girlfriend (guilty, haha).  If it's an issue that you don't/can't wait for (i.e. flame or breaker) then get the required numbers from your PM and call yourself.  Can your PM handle it? maybe, but he doesn't know my schedule and all he's going to do is have THEM call YOU.  So just do it yourself and cut out the middle man. 
I have also figured out that it's very easy to concentrate on what's "not right".  I can walk around and find little issues here and there.  Some I will have taken care of, some I won't bother messing with.  But the point is, don't concentrate on the "what's wrong" crap.  I got my family room in order with couch, chairs, tv, etc... and it's so large still!  So much room to lay on the floor with my dogs!  I have fallen asleep on the floor with my head on one of my boxers 4 times now.  I still get that stupid grin on my face when I pause to look at where I am, what I have.  So as you close, as you move in, as the weeks go on, remember to maintain that excitement.  It's yours.

I promise to get some pics in.  I really am waiting for some good light and get some solid shots.


  1. Great advice! Hope they get your issues resolved quickly and that you continue to enjoy your new home. If you are waiting for good light, remember, this is Ohio. You might be waiting for awhile :)

  2. That is good advice. It's very easy to lose perspective. Choose you battles now and save the little stuff for the thirty day. Have you completed the survey? You can always hold onto it as collateral until the fixes have been completed.

  3. I agree! Yesterday my mother and builder uncle (who lives in Texas, or of course he would have been my chosen builder) went through my house with a fine tooth comb. They agree with me about the things I see done 'wrong'. Admittedly, Ryan takes a lot of shortcuts. Overall, though, we all agree it's a good home. The places Ryan drops the ball are all aesthetics. After watching them pick the house apart over both things which matter to me and things I don't care about I realized as long as it's all aesthetics it's up to me whether I am happy about it or not.

  4. The company that installed the fireplace told me how to do a complete shut down and restart. That has made a huge difference. Now I can see a flame from the kitchen.