Friday, January 13, 2012

Some interior shots, because Tammi made me!

Ok ok ok!  I was hoping to get some decent light and get some decent shots, but Tammi has "demanded" some pics.  So here ya go, I don't want any complaints on lighting, quality, etc....

A few observations:
-my house is warm!  I mean, I got the thermostat down to 68 and it's still warm!  I can stand by windows and feel NO cold air. 
-I am wondering if I could have gotten the dryer vent moved up the wall so it can be attached above the dryer.  Rather then at the very bottom where it's difficult to get behind and hook up.
-I wonder if I could have gotten the switches moved closer to the kitchen sink and away from the upper cabinet.  That would have made putting up a tile backsplash and stopping at the upper cabinet edge WAY easier.
-I wish I had unlimited money and put recessed lighting in every room.  Still living in the dark in ours and Ryan's rooms because I have not had the chance and/or tools to get lights up.  Very happy we got 4 cans put in the family room though.  Very nice.

I did learn how to convert/adjust for a three pin dryer needing to go into a 4 prong plug. 

PM may stop in today to adjust fireplace flame.  It's low (on the high setting).  Also have an electrician still due to put a flush mount light at top of 2nd floor stairs.  Right now it's just one of those crappy basement jobs with an exposed bulb, while the other two hallway  lights are flush mount fixtures.  Not sure why I had to ask for that to be fixed, but it's getting fixed just the same.  Also the Master Bath tub faucet started leaking after the first shower.  So plumber is scheduled for that as well.

We are very happy.  It's been a great experience...SO FAR.  We didn't even have any problems with NVR (sounds rare).  Hopefully we will get some furniture in Sunday.

standing at top of stairs and looking back.  Notice the washer/dryer...on the second floor....already hooked up?  yeah...that's right.

I really need some chairs!  two nights sitting on the floor or standing at the island to eat is already old!

a TV and two would think a couple of college guys live here.  Notice the ceiling fan...still not hooked up.  Note, do not pack your ladder and tools at the back of a 16' storage container making it the last thing you will get too.

those that pay attention might start to wonder if Ryan has a thing for standing in corners.  Notice the hardwood into the dining room?  very nice.

Half crapper.  Works fine by the way.

The piano in it's final resting place.  Next time it moves, it's going out in pieces.


  1. Hooray!

    I'm so glad your house is so gorgeous, since it is so much like mine! I think we even chose a similar carpet color, except our carpet is upstairs. Why I chose grey for the basement? Oh, because we might want black furniture for a theater room. (Not sure what I was thinking - I hope it looks good when it's done)

    I'm putting an old pump organ in your piano spot, so I'm glad they made it big enough for us.

    Enjoy every inch of it. And for heaven's sake, take baby out of the corner already!

  2. I was more of a crackhead than both you and Tamigirl as I put very light carpet thru out the house to sure what I was thinking. Good thing is I don't have kids living with me. And great spot for the piano now I want one LOL. You and I did the same fire place. It looks awesome! Congrats!

  3. The place looks fabulous!!! Enjoy every minute in the new HOME!!!


  4. Looks great! Was the paint color an option you guys chose? I really like it!

  5. Thanks Dad, looking forward to showing it off a bit.
    @Leah, we upgraded to "Whole Wheat". I listed the Sherwin Williams paint sample on an earlier post. Thank you, we are very happy with it and I am happy I don't have to paint for a while.

  6. YAY for pictures!! Looks great! You should suggest to storage container makers to put doors at both ends. Guess you better get unpacking quickly.

    I'm sure as soon as we get in the house ours will look like a tornado has it it. Doesn't take long with a 4 and 7 year old.

  7. So glad to see pictures! I guess Tammi wields a lot of power :) Everything looks awesome.

    @Gina - We refer to our middle child as a hurricane. Imagine having 3...things get messy fast!

  8. Everything looks great and it sounds like you are pleased with the finished product. Congrats and most of all, ENJOY!!!

  9. It looks great. What a difference the Wheat paint makes - your house looks finished before you've even unpacked!

    I've also had lots of issues with the hook up of the dryer - in fact, its still pulled out quite a bit and kind of difficult to use - we'll figure it out soon.