Thursday, January 26, 2012

Moved In....but not unpacked!

Yes, there is a difference.  Most ask me "so, you all moved in".  Yup, I gots boxes all over the place!

My wife just found the hanger box, so we can start hanging clothes up.  We need to get closet organizer quick!  I am getting tired of looking for undershirts and skivvies in various boxes and clothes basket.  We plan to get the Elfa system from container store.  For the cost of a dresser with hard to use, shallow drawers we can get a system with slide out baskets, pant hangers, shoe racks, etc....

My family room is about squared away.  I put my Bose system in Tuesday night.  I ran the rear speaker wires through the low voltage boxes I installed.  So easy. 
Kitchen is good to go as well.  We just need to buy things here and there to supplement or replace old crap we got.  We are already cooking more and want the tools to do it.
Pantry, I put in sheets of thin, clear plastic on the wire racks.  I don't even notice them, but they keep everything upright and not falling through the wires. 
I put the table together.  Placed in the dining room, the table looks so dinky!  It fit the old house just fine, but in the bigger Dining room, it's comically small.  I plan to build one like WodyJ who is building a beautiful table right now. 
Morning room.  What to do with that space!  currently there are two Ikea Paong chairs in there.  One of those with a coffee and Sunday paper and I'm good to go for a couple hours.  We were originally thinking about a small high top table, but the wife is reconsidering.  Maybe a love seat and coffee table will give us what we want.  We will see.

For those that pay attention, I got the fireplace squared away.  I have instruction to do a complete shut down and restart.  That made all the difference.  Now I can stand in the kitchen and still see fire flickering.  I think it could still be higher but won't know for sure until I compare to a neighbor's.
We haven't had the family room breaker pop since I restarted the fireplace.  Not sure what one has to do with another but will wait and see. 
I am still very happy.  So many things I want to do but will have to focus on one thing at a time. 


  1. I can't believe how short-sighted I can be! I never thought of using the morning room as a chill station. I could only see it as an additional dining area and I found it redundant. Now I read this and realize I could have used it however I wanted. Someone take me to the neurologist - quick!

  2. Between the dining room and island, we didn't need another place to sit down and eat! haha

  3. My last house had the morning room and I had to chairs and a small table I between with a lamp and I also had my desk in there.

    This morning room in the Ravenna will have a table and chairs because I have a very large family and I like to host Thanksgiving and Christmas and I need the seating.

    I'm glad to hear your making progress at unpacking. We want more pictures!

  4. Sorry about the auto correct *2 chairs

  5. Glad to hear that the fireplace and breaker issues have been resolved. As for the morning room, ours will be our main dining area. Our dining room will once again be used for our grand piano. Others have suggested that we could just close the lid and put a tablecloth over it to host larger dinners, but getting the evil eye from me tends to end that train of thought :)
    As for the unpacking, we have boxes that were never unpacked in our current house. We've been here 8 years (yikes!). That's what storage areas in the basement are for! What it really means is that we have way too much stuff!

  6. Well, I think we are just about where you are. Hubby is attempting to hook the sound system back up but it is being difficult for him. Speakers work and receiver works to send sound out from the radio, but it refuses to send sound out that it receives from the TV or the cable box.

    Our morning room will be a seating area as well. We have always wanted it that way. We figure we have the dining room, island, and breakfast bar between the kitchen and morning room. I will use the morning room for my morning coffee and a space to sit and read away from the kids.